AsyncGo is oriented around temporary topics that are created, typically from a pre-existing meeting or issue, that can represent any discussion topic that needs to be had. A topic is meant to exist for a short period of time during which everyone contributes their thoughts.

At the end the discussion is resolved and the final outcomes and/or decisions are recorded.

There are documentation sections for Basics, Topics, Teams, User Settings and Markdown. On this page you can find:

The Topic List

When you log in you’ll see a list of open topics. From here you can click on any of the available topics to participate.

Topic Lists

Creating Topics

From the topic list click on “New Topic” to create a topic. You will be prompted to enter a description and a title. Topic descriptions set the table for the conversation to be had and are very important. You can use markdown to enter richer content than plain text; we recommend including a checklist of key points to discuss, which can be marked off as you go, and potentially an embedded video recording to help set the context.

Due Dates

Topics can also have a due date set, which will be made visible to everyone looking at the topic index. This can be a great way to communicate when you need something by, and help everyone prioritize the topics they engage with.

Due Dates

Collaborating on Topics

Once the topic is set up you can share it with everyone who you want to participate. Everyone can collaborate async as you go, discussing the topic at hand until you reach your outcome.

Voting in Topics

You can vote on any comment inside of a topic by adding whatever emoji you like. Good examples are thumbs ups and thumbs down, to indicate approval or disapproval, but you can be creative and show your support in lots of different ways. One bit of advice - if you disapprove, follow up on your emoji with another comment to explain why.

You can also use emojis to do more complex votes with multiple options. In this case, use a different emoji for each option in the vote.


Resolving Topics

Now that your topic is complete you can mark it as resolved. This will freeze further edits.

A good idea for confirming everyone is onboard with the final outcome is to add a comment asking everyone if they are ready to finalize the outcome. They can then add thumbs up emojis to indicate their active support.