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AsyncGo is oriented around temporary topics that are created, typically from a pre-existing meeting or issue, that can represent any discussion topic that needs to be had. A topic is meant to exist for a short period of time during which everyone contributes their thoughts.

At the end the discussion is resolved and the final outcomes and/or decisions are recorded.

There are documentation sections for Basics, Topics, Teams, User Settings and Markdown. On this page you can find:


If you are watching any topics then notifications will start to appear in your notifications list whenever someone updates or comments in a topic you are watching.

Click on the notification bell at the top of any page and you can view all the open notifications you have. From here you can also clear all notifications.

You can watch any topic from the view topic page, by clicking on the button to start watching.



AsyncGo shows your avatar from Gravatar. You can update your picture there, and it will automatically be reflected here.